Bono U2 Plane


Stuart Bailie (NME journalist) and myself had flown out to Miami on a wing and a prayer to cover the opening of the U2 Zoo TV tour with only the promise of a photo pass for the first 3 songs of the show. But due to U2's press officer, Regine Moylet's kind words and Bono's love affair with the UK press within 20 minutes of the show finishing we were in U2's dressing room, Annie Liebowitz and Anton Corbijn snapping each other in one corner and Bono & Grace Jones airkissing in the other. The Edge comes over to Stu and myself and says, "Are you the two bastards from the NME then?". Later we were relaxing at the Marlin hotel and told Bono we were driving to Charlotte, North Carolina for the next gig, "We'll give you a lift in our plane" says the wee man: their plane was a 747 that seated 34 people and had a full bar that you can see Bono enjoying to the max in this shot. Stu's doppleganger Paul McGuiness and B.P. Fallon can be seen in the background.

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