Marilyn Manson


Holywood, LA November 1997

Bloody magazines and their bloody stupid editorial ideas.
Editor: "Go to Los Angeles, photograph Marilyn Manson for our Christmas issue and make him dress up as Santa Claus.
Me: "Errr, are you sure?"
Editor: "Yes, do you want the job or not?"
And so it came to be that I went to a rented villa in Hollywood at 3pm in the afternoon and set up a Christmas tree and wrapped up pretend presents and waited an hour until Brain Warner (for that is Mr. Manson's real name) tumbled out of his bed in his striped Winceyette pyjamas, had his breakfast and then turned himself into Marilyn Manson.
Fair play to the man for putting his all into what I still conisder a pretty lame idea.
Trivia fact: whilst I was waiting for him to arise from his slumber I picked up a polaroid from the fireplace in the background of this shot... it was of Courtney Love snorting a line. To this day I have no idea why I did not keep it.

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